BTS appears in Busan.

The fan meeting will be held at Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium from July 15-16.

입력시간 : 2019-06-10 23:24:07 , 최종수정 : 2019-06-10 23:24:07, 이수현 기자

The BTS fan meeting will be held at Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium from July 15-16 at 7 p.m.

In preparation for BTS' fan meeting in Busan, the Busan city government held a report on preparations for the safety of visitors on Thursday afternoon.

▲Posters for BTS' "Magic Shop" performance to be held at Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium from May 15 to 16: Big Hit Entertainment

First of all, the Busan Metropolitan Transportation Corporation will operate 18 more urban railroads before and after the fan meeting and deploy safety personnel to ensure the safe return of visitors on the day of the concert. This is the equivalent of the Busan Fireworks Festival, which attracts the largest number of people every year.

It will also secure 3,282 available parking lots around the venue, conduct illegal parking guidance activities for visitors and citizens, and promote the use of public transportation.

The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency plans to deploy more than two police forces deployed during the A-match match to clean up traffic and prevent pedestrian traffic accidents.

The sports facilities management office, which is in charge of the venue, and its departments under its jurisdiction in Dongnae-gu and Yeonje-gu will also have support staff so that there will be no shortage of visitors' information and other conveniences.

The fire and disaster headquarters will operate an emergency medical center and an on-site command center on the day of the performance to be ready to cope with minor accidents and the occurrence of patients requiring first aid.

In particular, the company said it has again told the organizers of the concert to prepare for possible safety accidents such as securing medical staff and placing first-aid medicine in case of exhaustion and dehydration caused by the all-standings.

"It is unusual to hold a briefing session on preparations for events that are held by the private sector," a city official said. However, since it is a performance that focuses on Busan, it is important to create a comfortable and safe environment for fans from around the world to watch the event," he said. "I will do my best to help Busan citizens and tourists who came to see BTS' fan meeting this weekend leave behind beautiful memories."

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